Jim talking to Kim Boggs

Jim is the main antagonist of Tim Burton's movie Edward Scissorhands. He is a thuggish jock and a bully as well as Kim's boyfriend. Wanting money for a van, Jim takes advantage of Edward's innocence and ability to pick locks and breaks into his own parents' house. The burglar alarm sounds and everyone except Edward escapes, despite Kim's angry insistence that they return for him. While the family is setting up Christmas decorations, Edward creates a ice sculpture from a block of ice. The shavings from the ice create an effect of falling snow, in which Kim dances. Jim calls out to Kim, distracting her, and Edward accidentally cuts the palm of her hand. Claiming that Edward has intentionally harmed her, Jim uses this as an opportunity to attack Edward. Edward runs away from the house, tearing apart the clothes Peg gave him, and wanders the neighborhood in a rage. When Kim sees this, she immediately breaks up with Jim and he goes to his friend's van to get drunk.

The situation gets worse when Kevin is almost run over by Jim's drunken friend. At the last moment, Edward pushes Kevin out of the way; in a state of excited panic, he cuts Kevin's face, causing witnesses to think he was attacking Kevin on purpose. When everyone hears the police sirens, Edward flees to his hilltop mansion and the neighbors form an angry mob to follow him.

Kim heads to the mansion before the neighbors can get there, reuniting with Edward. Jim follows them and brutally attacks Edward, who does not retaliate until Jim slaps and pushes Kim away when she intervenes. Edward stabs him in the stomach and pushes him out a window where he falls to his death.